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Netplay Check

Check your Netplay ports to make sure they are reachable

Host Check

IP: Port:







Status Key
Online True when the server is reachable, if False check your port forwarding (also ensure you have the game running and that you are hosting a match!)
Game The game detected, usually SokuSWR. If it says just Soku then you haven't linked SWR to Soku sucessfully. If it says SWR or IaMP you are playing SWR or IaMP.
Roll True when Rollbacks (ex. SokuRoll) are being used. This is not a problem however both players must either use Soku Roll or not. (Spectators must also use Roll to watch a Roll-enabled game)
Spectate True when spectating is enabled. This is not a problem, when hosting a game answer Yes in the dialog that asks if Spectating should be enabled to correct this
Started True when a game is in progress. This is not a problem and will become True once someone joins the game

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